A culinary adventure in rugged Tasmania with James Boag

In late September of this year we spent a few days in Tasmania working with James Boag, along with a bunch of really great people, following chef James Viles of Biota Dining, in a culinary journey harnessing and foraging for wild and raw ingredients from around the rugged region 🌲

The elements don’t get any more ferocious than in Tasmania...


James foraging for ingredients for the evenings dinner

James harnesses wild ingredients from nature and his menus are adapted depending on what he finds. 🌿

Our first evening in Tasmania and this was our dining room! ✨

Local suppliers provide the freshest meat and seafood. The relationship with the environment is of huge importance to James and the food he creates.

"The fondest memories are made gathered around the table"


Not a bad view to wake up to!

The untamed, wild nature of Tasmania made for exciting and varied adventures. From winding road trips, to getting drenched on a rocky oyster boat ride, to dining out under the stars, we had some pretty unforgettable experiences 🌊

There was even an epic helicopter ride, where we got to experience Tasmania's rugged beauty from new angles

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."


We got up one morning when it was still dark and took a short drive to witness a rather spectacular sunrise at Mt Wellington 🌀

"An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day"


We were so lucky to meet such unique, talented individuals; to taste such artfully crafted, wildly grown food; to view patchwork farms of all shades of green, and watch happily grazing cattle in lush grassy paddocks; to have warmed our icy hands by an open fire with new friends; to have listened to wild waves pounding the rocks below; and to have birds-eye views of the jagged cliffs and rugged coastlines of this breathtaking place. 🌾

Tasmania, you exceeded our expectations by far and we loved every second of our adventure! 🌿


Words/pictures by @oftwolands www.oftwolands.com www.instagram.com/oftwolands - jamesboag.com.au biotadining.com - #harnessedbyJB #jamesboags #stellerwander #stellerstories #stelleroutdoors #food #stelleradventure #photography #travel #tasmania #australia #places #placestogo #hiking #water #nature #ocean #adventure #action #outdoors #landscape #mountains

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