Fishing Fränzle


An early-morning sortie with a third-generation professional fisherman on Lake Constance

May we introduce this gentleman to you? Fisherman Franz Blum, son of fisherman Franz Blum, himself the son of, er, Franz Blum, who was also a fisherman

04:35 AM

At this hour of day our fisherman friend is not overly chatty, yawning occasionally. "Fish are not interested in your schedule - the fishing business works best at dawn, that's just the way it is."

05:00 AM

The motor is off, he needs both hands now. This net is nearly 2000 feet long and has to be hauled out of the water yard by yard. After 30, maybe 40 yards the first whitefish appears. Then another one, and another, and another

05:10 AM

‘It’s been a good day today’ A box of whitefish, some roach, white bream, perch and one catfish. All in all an above-average haul.

09:30 AM

Freshly caught Lake Constance fish. It's true, you can't get fresher than this.

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