NYC A personal, documentary: a compendium of moments scattered over days.

As Seen, As Felt

"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."

Mahatma Gandhi

September 28, 2016 The day began with hope and clarity but soon color faded; it was abducted by fear and uncertainty, blurred by rain .

1. To ... Seen along the way, past the morning neighborhoods ...

the travelers,

the rituals,

the journeys,

the streets and the skies,

those alone,

and those together on pilgrimages, on roads and bridges ...

... who arrive at temples of healing that hold promise.

In the beginning ...

Wait; look out and down and across at buildings, at the river. The clock is the prime mover.

The Universe embraces those who wait ...

... those who try to eat have no taste.

Then ...

Hours later ...

Attached. Machines watch, wait, guard.

2. From ... Going home. September 29, 2016

-New York Presbyterian Hospital-

... adorned with ink and gauze. And a card for one's wallet.

3. To and fro ... Follow-up. October 10, 2016

Staples and stitches.

A gauge measures cerebral spinal fluid, adjusted by a shunt.

During the return travel, color and light return.

Through windows.

The sky glows with possibilities.

Streets are adorned.

The heaviness ...

... begins to lift.

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  • isharadeborah

    LOVE it!!!! Such a POWERFUL story, and you took us right along with you. Love and blessings to both of you <3

  • SansSouciBlogs

    @isharadeborah many heartfelt thanks for kind words -Sue

  • Beverlycrane

    Emotionally intense story poetically told with the help of amazing visuals. I have recently traveled the same road. Many heartfelt blessings.

  • SansSouciBlogs

    @ January0 thank you for your visit and beautiful, kind words. -Sue

  • Leontine

    Lovely! Intense moments of great fear and force! a big hug! 🙏🏻

  • annld60

    Well done 💕

  • SansSouciBlogs

    @leontine Thank you, will accept that hug with much gratitude. Looking for ward to seeing more from you!

  • Laura_Tower

    Dear Sis, you are a wonderful story teller. I hope this story continues to have a happy ending.

  • SansSouciBlogs

    @Laura_Tower Sis, many thanks. It keeps evolving and hopefully will improve. Thanks for being there. Much love.

  • SansSouciBlogs

    @LeTortediToni molto grazie! 🌺

  • Cinder

    This left me breathless! Well done, Sue!