Apple pickin' and pie bakin'

With new Peg + Awl rolling pins made from our scrap – twice reclaimed!

The weather is changing. Chilly nights, crisp morning air, leaves transforming into vibrant yellows, reds and oranges; Autumn beckons.  We heeded the call, collected our trusty Gatherer Bag and Marlowe Carryall and headed out to Hopewell Furnace – an amazing National Historic Site that was once a bustling community built around a gigantic iron-producing furnace – for an afternoon of apple picking amongst the 100+ year old heirloom trees.

Søren + Silas managed the 15 ft poles.

Silas + Cricket exploring the olde barn.

Our Gatherer Bag filled with juicy apples!

Everything that we make here at Peg and Awl begins with a need. Our kitchen is full of things made by our hands (as the kitchen itself is!) including: (featured on next pages) CHALK PAD for recipe ALDERMERE TRAY for eggs APOTHECARY CADDY for spices KNIFE RACK (made from an antique pipe organ pipe! We just found a new batch of pipes!) And now our newest, the ELLIS ROLLING PIN, made from our antique and storm tree scrap that we cannot get ourselves to toss!)

We love using new things made by our hands... there will always be magic in that.

Big hands roll.

Little hands roll.

Enthusiasm brimming!

Ellis Rolling Pin in Maple!

Ellis Rolling Pin in Walnut!

During this time of year I look back on my childhood, where being one of 12 kids, I was assigned a day a week to prepare the family dinner. It was a task that led to some of the craziest messes, the “tastiest”meals, and a deep love for cooking and baking. As the hot summer gave way to crisp Autumn the scent of freshly baked bread and warm apple pies often filled the house. We are honoring that tradition here at Peg and Awl with our newest kitchen essential, the Ellis Rolling Pin. Made of reclaimed Walnut or Maple in two sizes and hand turned on our lathe, each pin is truly one of a kind. Enjoy! – Walter

Available at shop👉🏻 home👉🏻 kitchen Instagram @pegandawl @pegandawlbuilt @thebrotherskent Silas's shirt made by @hovdenformalwear

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