Amorgos, Greece

The blue & the white

In Amorgos, as well as in all islands in Cyclades, the buildings are painted white. Houses, shops, schools, even churches, follow the great rule of white walls and blue windows.

The white colour was chosen because it made the houses more heat resistant. Also, back in 1900s, people used Asvestos to cover their walls and roads because it was cheap material that could be used for lots of things. The white and the blue became a stylistic choice in Cyclades during dictatorship period in Greece (1967-1974).

Today, the white and blue combination - just like the colours of the Greek flag - became the strongest trademark of Cyclades and, of course, Amorgos. The white and the blue highlight the Aegean scenery and light with the most elegant way.

The beauty of the island is present every day, not only when the tourists are around. The cafés and the tavernas follow the aesthetics of Amorgos even if they are hidden in the sokakia.

Of course, humans are not the only ones who can enjoy the exceptional aura and architecture of the island

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