I, Imposter.

"Natasha constantly has words on the tip of her tongue. She keeps feeling she is about to remember, but they never come. She spends her days searching for all of her missing words." -The Book of Memory Gaps by Cecilia Ruiz (Margaux feels the same thing)

(So she makes books filled with empty pages.)

(1000s - big and small.)

Bjorn has been helping for years. (15 of them.)

I find that I have arrived in a strange place. I do this often. I don't know that I set out in life to be anything in particular. I have always made things. And I guess that is just what I am still doing. But suddenly I feel like an imposter! (Which is kind of fun.)

Completely mysteriously, I ended up in Spain for Picture Camp. I had an amazing time and came up with another idea. (I have a lot of those.) I met a girl there called Annabel who told me about MATS classes. Either I don't listen, or I wanted this. I signed up and found out it is drawing. DRAWING DRAWING DRAWING! I wanted to tell stories, to find words. I never thought I'd try drawing them.

So for 2 weeks so far, I wake up early and stay up late and the house is getting so dirty and books and pens and ink and things are piling up around me. But Sรธren and Silas are getting to school on time and my work is getting done. (I have a very full time job besides...) Class began with the choice of 3 texts. I chose a story about Ada Lovelace. And began drawing...


Day 2: HATS

Day 3: SHOES

Day 4: HAIR


Day 6: SKIRTS PANTS (dresses and underthings)

My final first week assignment. Ada. (Very silly)

(Week 1: ACCESSORIES.) Week 2: EMOTIONS! I thought I'd be lost here, but had great fun with Silas's help! (Can you spy Silas's faces?) Mini: Eyes Day 1: Happiness Day 2: Sadness Day 3: Surprise Day 4: Anger...

Day 5: Overwhelm. (Yes) A bit. So I skipped Day 6: Delight.

Some of my very favourite picture books. A very small sampling. (A question during the course. There is MUCH interaction!)

Assignment 2: Ada's expressions!

My final assignment for week 2.

3 weeks to go! To follow along with the other artists (an incredible assortment!) check out Instagram - #makeartthatsells and #matskidsbook And me, @thebrotherskent and @pegandawl #illustrate #inktober #bookbinding #drawing #picturebook #illustration And otherwise: www.pegandawlbuilt.com