Goldfield Nevada truly represents everything I L❀️VE about a roadtrip. It was totally unexpected. A unique old town with so much character, in the middle of no where. I could of spent the entire day there. As it was I probably walked around for about 2 hours

I love finding old train station entries in the middle of nowhere. I could do an entire story just on these structures. Old steal, broken glass, great textures and a certain mystery that I love.

Goldfield is a small town, the majority of the buildings and cars are falling apart, broken down and abandoned. It's as if someone walked away from them 50 years ago and nothing every changed.

For me Goldfield was a gold-mind. I love walking the old dirt roads and appreciating the timeless nature. I'm so curious to go into these old abandoned houses. It's a little creepy but the curiosity wins.

This woman just stopped to chat. She wanted to tell me all the good things to photograph and tell me about The Car Forest. I snuck this picture and I assume that's her Dad? He never really moved. I also assumed he was alive. 😜

Not very dense and quite deserty

So the Car Forest just blew me away! The Amarillo Cadillacs have some serious competition if you ask me.

I hoped you enjoyed the Goldfield tour. It's on HWY 50 in Nevada North of Vegas and East of Yosemite. It's a great old ghost town worthy of an afternoon photo tour.

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