Tourkia Ben Mehrez

"It is my deep passion for agriculture that made me start my own company."

HI. My name is Tourkia Ben Mehrez, I am a Tunisian food producer, living in Tunis with my family. Originally, I studied finance, yet my father who works in agriculture transmitted me his passion for food and food production.

My company โ€œLe Bon Goรปtโ€ produces gourd jams and juices. Gourd is a special variety of pumpkin that has kind of a bottle shape, which is why it sometimes it is also called bottle gourd.

All our products are 100% natural and made without any conservatives or artificial additives. They are all healthy and beneficial to the body.

"It is my deep passion for agriculture that made me start my own company."

Tourkia Ben Mehrez

In my region, more than 400 hectare of gourd are cultivated each year which results in 20 thousand tons of primary material. Yet this material is far undervalued. This is why I learned to transform the raw material into jams and juices to add value to it.

I hope that in future I will be able to have my own production facilities. With a larger facility I could also broaden my production to other regional products like artichokes and tomatoes in order to revalue our regional foods.

I would like to see my products exported to other countries and foreign markets.

"To me women entrepreneurship is about having security and a stable income. It also is about having a strong personality and living it."

Tourkia Ben Mehrez

UNIDO empowered me to take part in an exhibition in Milan and to have my first experience in the international agro-alimentary sector.

What keeps me going is my personal appreciation for gourd and the beneficial effects it has on our health and body. Also I can uphold traditions of the region that can sustain my family through the business.

"In future, my company will work with many different fruits and vegetables and help to sustain our culture and agricultural products."

Tourkia Ben Mehrez

My biggest goal is not only to improve my personal and my family's living conditions but also to improve the region's farmers working conditions through the reevaluation of their primary products.

Being a young woman entrepreneur requires 100% dedication and a bigger goal. In my case this is represented by the development of the region as center of gourd production. I want to give back to the community through the production development in the region, the improvement of working conditions and the facilitation of education and training in the sector.

What makes me smile is being in the kitchen producing and then seeing customers enjoying my products.

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    I wish you all the best as you move forward with your dream Tourkia. It is a beautiful and important plan. I was in Tunisia with some students last year and would love to go back. I am planning on starting a business combining yoga retreats with tours that teach about products such as yours. Are there any yoga retreat centers near Tunis that you are aware of?

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