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Infrascapes: Dolomites

I have been photographing in digital infrared for over 15 years. I love the way these special cameras filter out visible light and let through light that is beyond the visible spectrum. The result is often mystical and surreal.

These infrared landscapes were shot during my recent trip to the Italian Dolomites using an IR converted Nikon D300 with a Supercolor filter (590nm). Check my other Italian Dolomites story for regular color photographs.

590nm Colors

These images show color infrared tones straight out of the camera with some color toning in Lightroom. Skies are warm tones and vegetation is blue in 590nm.

I loved the alpine churches.

Blue cows!


These infrared images were converted from color to black/white in Lightroom. Some images are more suited to monochrome.

Color Swap

These images were processed in Photoshop in order to swap the red and blue channels. This turns the vegetation from blue to warm gold and the skies from red to blue.

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