Part III Amalfi Coast

Mr Banana in Italy

Part III of Mr Banana's trip through Italy. Where he stays at the Airbnb farmhouse of the amazing Mariapia and visit the Amalfi Coast!

King of the Hill

Our destination

Underwater Christmas!

Racing to the top!

Celebrating surviving the taxi ride with

Look at all the little boats!

Enjoying the top view

Last bit of the boat trip

Inspiring people with my banana art, this one is made...

Wine makers museum

My shadow says hi


Wall troll says hi


Wooden art lady says hi


Water wall trolls say 💧💧

People getting eaten by a building say Ahhh

3 minutes later....

Ended our day with...

Thank you for watching! More info about Mariapia and her ?(organic!) farm can be found on Coming soon, part IV: Pompeii!

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