Baduy Dalam village July 2016


The journey begin from Tanah Abang train station, we off to Rangkasbitung train station at 8:30 am and arrived at 10:30 am. And then the journey continued by ride a small bus, they call it "elef" It took one hour to arrive at Cijahe, a small bus terminal. From Cijahe we heading off to Cikeusik, a Baduy Dalam village, our final destination, and we will spend the night there. It took 45 minute trekking up and down the hill.

at Rangkasbitung waiting for "elef"

From Rangkasbitung we continue the journey by riding an "elef", a small bus, to Cijahe and it took one hour.

And this is the situation on the small bus, "elef", and it's very bumpy ride 😂

a Baduy Dalam kid

Heading to Cikeusik, the Baduy Dalam village, it take one hour, trekking.

trekking to Cikeusik

Baduy Dalam is a tribe who still preserve their ancient way to run their daily life, they resist modern influences. No electricity no radio no cell phone no chemical item or proccesed goods, everything are from the universe and natural. In their village, the visitor are not allowed to use camera, cell phone, and do the bathing activity in a river, without using soap and tooth paste. The Baduy Dalam leader is PUUN, they obey PUUN's order.

outfit Baduy Dalam men

Baduy Dalam only wears black and white color for their daily outfit, they weave and sew their outfit. Although they only wear simple outfit, but the women completed it with colorful necklaces, bracelet and earring, which is for me, they are very interesting and beautiful yet fashionable. Unfortunately we couldn't capture the beauty of Baduy Dalam women, because we are not allowed to use the camera in their village. We can take their picture if they were out of the village.

We only could take their photo when they are outside their Baduy Dalam village. That's why the photos are mostly the men instead the women, because Baduy Dalam women rarely seen outside the Baduy Dalam village. There are three Baduy Dalam's villages ⚬Cibeo ⚬Cikertawana ⚬Cikeusik

Down there, is Cikeusik one of three Baduy Dalam village. And we are not allowed use our camera or cell phone in the Baduy Dalam village.

#baduydalam #respectnature all photos taken outside of Baduy Dalam Village 📷 (c) rieke 📽 🎬 ⚬16-17 July 2016 ⚬

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