I fell in love with this beautiful city straight away - and the fact that I knew almost nothing about this place made it feel special. After wandering among the alleys, taking pictures of pastel sunsets and eating lots of pastries - these are my favourite places of Porto...

"Ribeira is Porto's biggest heart-stealer."


This alluring district is postcard Porto. A maze of medieval alleys and chalk-hued houses, ending at a riverfront square - the most picturesque spot in the city. It's a wonderful romantic place that comes alive as the sun sets.

Sé Porto's fortified Romanesque cathedral is visible from afar and offers stunning views and a cloister covered with blue and white "azulejos".

"This is where Porto comes to market shop, eat and play."


A truly vibrant neighbourhood that hides boutiques, baroque churches and old school grocery stores.

Mercado do Bolhão The 19th-century iron market offers amazing fresh produce and is a ticket straight to Porto's soul.

Capela das Almas This 18th century chapel was given a remarkable tiled decoration by painter and ceramist Eduardo Leite.

Torre dos Clérigos For stunning city views you must scale its 225-step spiral staircase.

Casa da Música The minimal, iconic and most beautiful home of the Porto National Orchestra.

São Bento Train Station One of the world's most beautiful train stations.

" One of Porto's best-loved escapes."


Jardim do Palácio de Christal This relaxing botanical garden is a mosaic of small gardens with fountains, sculptures, cypresses and olive trees.

Centro Português de Fotografia This former jail now hosts a number of photography exhibitions each year.

"For a breath of sea air, jump on Porto's antique tram and rattle out to the coastline."


Praia de Matosinhos Porto's main beach with lots of spots to surf and great seafood for lunch.

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