One weekend...

We hired a car and drove from Edinburgh through the highlands. We stopped here at Loch Lomand. It was beautiful.

After arriving at our cabin in Torlundy, we quickly set out on foot, seeking sunshine and a swimming hole.

We followed the track, through grass and marsh.

We found it. Another beautiful loch. This time one to swim in.

The next day we wandered more. Through the arches to the amazing falls

Another day. Another adventure. With rain coats on, we found a small mountain to hike.

We reached a summit, amongst the clouds and fog.

It was time to head back down the mountain and to the warmth of our cabin. We started a fire and enjoyed a feast.

What a perfect weekend it was. The End. #scotland #wanderlust #places #goexplore #conversationstory #stellerexplore #stelleruk

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