Project HA3.0 I've always wanted to share my travel photos but never really got the chance. So recently, I started re-editing my photos from last year with some new tones and cropped them all into squares. Hyper Adjusts 3.0

During my winter break in 2015, me and two friends drove from Illinois to California (and back) in 11 days. Our main destination was Yosemite but we didn't want to feel bored driving all the way there, so we drove along Route 66 and went to all kinds of National Parks on the way. I've always wanted to go on a big road trip, east to west. And it has been my favorite road trip...for now :P

Part I-II

First day: IL-MO-OK-TX Second day: TX-NM-AR We left first thing in the morning but there wasn't much to take during our first day. The second day was when the scenery changed a lot and got really stunning and interesting. So the photos are from part II :P

Endless Roads

Snow peaks on your sides

Then it all changed.

Finally, we arrived at our first destination The Grand Canyon

I actually don't know how to describe my experience at the Grand Canyon. Each time I go, I would always be awestruck and amazed at how it's possible to have this kind of a creation near us. Its existence and the time frame to create it, makes it so mysterious. It makes you wonder what the landscape was like thousands of years ago as well as what it will be like thousands of years from now. If only there was a way to know...

That's the end of Part I-II All photos by Wen. http://ebrithil.photography Instagram: ebrithil._ Original photos on Flickr: ebrithil._

Part III at Antelope Canyon is up!!! Please check that out if you haven't :P