Venice, October 2016

Wednesday, 5 October

Autumn has truly arrived in Venice. An overcast sky greeted me upon awakening, and it remained that way throughout the day. Today would be my second visit to the Architecture Biennale and on my agenda were the gardens at Giardini where many of the pavilions are to be found.

I set out towards San Marco where I hopped onto a vaporetto, the public water-bus in Venice.

"Reporting from the front"

"To Live Is To Be Slowly Born" A glass labyrinth

Incidental Space - Switzerland - Showing what is possible with digital technology and collaboration. One has to take off one's shoes before climbing inside!

Nordic pavilion

The Japanese pavilion had an incredible energy. It looked at en - the belief that the world is filled with multitudinous unexpected meetings and that we should appreciate these meetings.

The concepts presented really related to how I feel about online encounters - a prominent theme when I investigate the architecture of cyberspace.

Australian pavilion

Serbian pavilion

"Unfinished" Spanish pavilion

Many hours later and after another ride on the vaporetto, I visited Palazzo Mora to see the "Time Space Existence" exhibition.

I lay down in this Sleep Sarcophagus with its abstract cinematic and meditative sound and imagery.

With facial movements I interacted with this installation,

"This exhibition aims to enlarge our human awareness of our own personal existence as a human being within a specific space and time.'

I ended the day with a visit to Palazzo Ca'Zanardi to check on my iPhone artworks before tomorrow night's opening. All is well! I'll end today's story with a photo of a table which will be close to my art. Instagram Facebook Twitter

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