Venice, October 2016

Tuesday, 4 October

The day began with a beautiful sunrise accompanied by ringing bells. Autumn in Venice!

Straight after breakfast I set out on foot for the 15th Architecture Biennale

Using the back route to the Arsenale I found my way thanks to Google Maps! It's easy to get lost in Venice but it's to be expected, I'm told. I'm curious by nature so almost always veer off a route to explore 😀

Wanting to capture the feel of the calle - the name for a little street in Venice - I took a number of shots which I can potentially work on for my iPhone Art.

This year's Architecture Biennale, "Reporting from the front", curated by Alejandro Aravena, investigates the role of architects in improving the living conditions of people all over the world.

The introductory rooms were built with the 100 tons of waste material generated when dismantling the previous Biennale. The ceiling of vertical metal structures hang like stalactites. 10,000 Square meters of plaster board. 14 km of metal studs!

So much to see!

I watched a whole documentary about Khumb Mela and ephemeral urbanism. 19 million congregate there for a period each year.

The installation depicting crepuscular rays demonstrated the concept used by Jean Nouvel when creating the "rain of light" for the Louvre Abu Dhabi

The Kuwait pavilion arguing in favor of a plan for a united Gulf.

One needs many hours to see it all and it was well into the afternoon when I left.

I booked a spot for sunset on the newly opened rooftop terrace of Fondaco Dei Tedeschi.

Stunning interior design

Looking down on my way to the rooftop terrace

The terrace only opened on October 1 and offers an amazing new panoramic view of the Grand Canal. I decided to go live on Facebook to share the incredible sunset. Perfect end to a wonderful day! Instagram Facebook Twitter

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