Venice, October 2016

Monday, 3 October

The journey began in the early hours of the morning, departing from Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Upon arrival, I travelled by water taxi to my hotel. I was so busy taking everything in that only later did I notice the banner on the pic advertising the Borders Festival I am here to participate in. The exhibition opens on Thursday 6 October in Palazzo Ca Zanardi. I'm excited to be one of the featured artists 😀

I immediately set off exploring (ever the flaneur!)

This couple was using a timer to take their own pics on the Rialto Bridge. Look at the little girl on the right!

After a short stop for breakfast, I headed to Palazzo Franchetti to view the Zaha Hadid exhibition. It was magnificent! I watched an almost one hour film on her life and works and was enthralled.

Amazing models with fluid forms

Capturing reflections at St Mark's Square

Photo used for an Instagram post. I also tried to post to Instagram stories throughout the day.

In the afternoon I went to check out the venue for the opening of the Future Landscapes exhibition. What follows is a view of it before I crossed over by bridge.

Just before sunset I paid a visit to Fondaco Dei Tedeschi - a new shopping experience which only opened 2 days ago. The new rooftop experience was fully booked so let's see what tomorrow holds. In the meantime here's one of my lookingup shots:

My Stepz app says I have walked over 14 kms today! Goodnight all 😴 Instagram Facebook Twitter

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