The capital in the North

πŸ‡©πŸ‡° Welcome to the Danish Capital of Copenhagen! I visited this lovely city in September and had the most amazing late summer weather. Sunshine and warm temperatures make a city trip so enjoyable. Come in and see some of the most beautiful spots in the city.

First I walked to the city center and passed the art university.

You can't visit Copenhagen without seeing Nyhavn.

You can start a boat tour from here.

Or just walk along the water and enjoy the old sailing boats.

If you keep on walking around you'll start noticing all the bicycles in the city. They are literally everywhere! And people don't even use locks to keep them save 😍

A visit to castle Amalienborg is a must.

You can pose with the guards, just don't sit on the stairs or lean against the castle, as they will yell at you!

That's a safe distance! πŸ˜‰

Amalienborg needs a new paint πŸ€”

You could pass by Marmorkirken!

If you're hungry I recommend the brandnew Restaurant: Admiralgade 26

If you're lucky and meet a nice resident you might be able to sneak in the famous Gemini Residence. An architectural highlight!

@bobbyanwar getting the shot!

Stay around this neighborhood for sunset and enjoy it with the locals.

And also check out the rooftop of Stay Hotel.

Grundtvigs Church πŸ“ This is a must do, even though it's a bit outside the city centre.

And last but not least you should definitely walk up the famous RundetΓ₯rn.

Horse carriages used to transport equipment for the observatory up here, that's why there are no stairs!

The view from the top over Copenhagen is amazing.

And maybe you'll meet a unicorn!

Thanks to @cirkeline and @bobbyanwar for taking some time to show me around! 😍

I hope you enjoyed this story about Copenhagen! Stay tuned for more travel stories - I've been on the road a lot lately... ☺️ More of my travels on Instagram: @ladyvenom #travel #places #goexplore #seewhatisee #Copenhagen #denmark #scandinavia #stellerverse

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