a night at BIVACCO


This weekend I spent my first night in a bivouac. We were hoping to have some great wether to enjoy sunset and sunrise, but when Saturday turned out to be cloudy and rainy we decided to go anyway.

Our backpacks were super heavy and the 5 hours hiking up were no joke. And when we finally reached the top...the rain turned into snow!

It was 6pm when it got to the bivouac. We were wet and tired but out backpacks were full of...

I hardly slept. It's not easy when you are that high up. I got up before 7am eager to see the sunrise but we were surrounded by fog.

It was absolutely freezing! But as they say, great things come to those who wait (and endure)

Amazing team: Lusty, Cecilia, Marianne, me, Sanja and Camper

We headed back down and the day went from freezing to sunny, the temperature going from -5 to 20 degrees Celsius

The End