The capital city of Scotland is full of hidden surprising spots: beautiful medieval buildings, perfect houses with those lovely white windows, pretty parks and a lot of inspiring cafes. If you go there, here are some things you should absolutely do before you leave.

Stroll around the white interns of the National Museum of Scotland: walk up and down the stairs and look at the people, you'll find so many interesting stories.

Visit the most green area of the green Edinburgh, the Royal Botanic Garden, and its magic Glasshouses

they hide some beautiful and photogenic shadows in their windows.

Take a walk upon Calton Hill and around the New Town with the brave explorer Harris. He will take you in front of some super pretty doors. W/ @copperline

Edinburgh is such an inspiring city, if you're looking for inspirations. So just choose a café, sit in front of a window and start to imagine, drinking a cup of hot coffee. W/ @ilaria_vill and @pgcaivano

the Elephant House

Milk, Fruitmarket Gallery

Cairngorm Coffee

There's one thing you'll notice as you reach the city: there are a lot of seagulls. I've got a thing with them, because they always make me think of freedom. So don't forget to look up as you explore the city...

you might catch one of them in your pictures, stealing him a little bit of his treasure.

And last, you cannot leave without a local sunset. It might be difficult to catch one, but not impossible. Find a good spot, like South Queensferry, less than half an hour from the city center.. W/ @berriestagram and @poetic_mouse

..get an ice cream and enjoy the view from different points. It will be unique.

• National museum of Scotland • Royal Botanic Garden • New Town • Royal Mile • Forth Bridge

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