The Little Red Squirrel

April 14, 2014. I was no more than 5 weeks old when I fell from the roof of this building and hit a branch.

As I was laying there in the wet, cold grass. I could hear humans talking in the background. The humans went away, so my mom could come to my rescue. She came down to me, but I was too badly wounded for her to do anything. She had no choice but to return to my brothers and sisters. I was so scared, I was all alone. It was so cold in the wet grass, and the pain in my chest was unbearable.

The human returned! He picked me up and brought me inside the house. I was so scared, I thought he was gonna eat me. But he didn't, he gave me to his cat!

Mom always told me that cats are the most dangerous thing in the whole world. But this cat? This cat was different. It was so warm and fluffy, the purring made me so relaxed.

She washed and cleaned me, warmed me when I was cold. It felt so nice with this cat. Her name was Coco.

Although Coco was a good new mom to me. She couldn't give me milk, like my own mom could. So the human gave me milk.

The human also made a sweater for me, out of some old socks. So I couldn't scratch my wounds.

I quickly regained my energy and I was ready to play, have fun and make trouble! I felt like I could do anything!

My human, my new paps, took me on trips outside so I could smell the fresh air, feel the grass on my feet and listen to the birds singing.

This is my mom and her brother Tiger. Mom told Tiger to stay away from me, and that I wasn't a toy for him to play with. So he didn't, he never came close to me.

It was time! It was finally time for me to get out of the sweater, I was healed!

Paps found a harness for me, so all the other cats and dogs in the neighborhood Wouldn't chase and eat me.

Mom was always there to protect me when me and paps went on adventures out side.

Paps tried his best to help me make a squirrel bed.

But I found a much better place to sleep. In paps pockets!

Time went on and life couldn't get any better! Until one day... As soon as I woke up, I rushed over to play with mom. But she didn't wake up. She was all cold and still. Paps was crying a lot and I tried to tell him that she were just sleeping. Paps told me mom wouldn't wake up again and that he had to take her away from me.

Tiger couldn't understand where mom went, and he kept looking for her, day and night, calling and crying for days.

Eventually, Tiger realized that Coco wasn't gonna come back. Things quickly changed and Tiger became my best friend and protector. He never leaves my side when we're outside, just like mom use to do. He's so brave and strong. He chases away hawks, rats, cats, and even large dogs!

Tiger Isn't much for playing and cuddling like mom was. But if I tease him a little bit, I can get him to play with me.

But just like mom, he's always nearby when I'm out on adventures with paps. Sneaking around and checking all the bushes for cats and other animals that could eat me.

I'm pretty smart for a little guy. I can solve puzzles, understand what people say to me, and I can even sense if people are feeling bad or sick.

But I also know it's dangerous outside. That's why I don't want to leave without my safety harness. It keeps me safe.

If I really wanted to leave, I would have plenty of opportunities to do so. But, why should I?

I have a warm and loving home, with the best of both worlds. I get outside and play and have fun when ever I want to. I get the best cuddles and treats in the whole world. And best of all, I never, ever have to be scared.

This is my big sister, Nicole. She lives with us and she loves me very much. I've been with her in school a few times, and it was very exciting!

This is my big brother, Markus. He visits us every 2nd weekend. He always have the nicest treats for me, that he has been collecting while he wasn't here.

Now? Now I'm a super star squirrel! I live my life to the fullest! Take walks with paps and Tiger. Enjoying the finest foods and treats known to man. I'm living the good life, as a prince of both Worlds. What would you choose if you were me?

People from all over the world are coming, just see me! Ain't that amazing? I love meeting new people, say hey and go on new adventures.

Paps tells me that I make so many people smile, laugh and feel happy. I like that. I like to make my family smile, laugh and feel happy. So if I can make the whole world feel like that, then I'm on a squirrel mission!

So come and join me on my daily adventures! Keep smiling 😊


  • kokomoe1

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