Durham, NC

On May 19-22, thousands of people gathered in downtown Durham for Moogfest, a four-day-long celebration of art, music and technology. . . . The festival is meant to highlight the convergence of the three, featuring interactive installations, panel discussions, workshops, live concerts and other mini-events.

Moogfest is usually held in Asheville, but it decided to switch things up this year and move to Durham. Following this summer's success, the festival will return to the city again next year.

I had the privilege of covering the festival as an intern for local startup news outlet, ExitEvent. Here are a few snapshots from my experience.

Folks touring American Underground, an entrepreneurial hub in the heart of downtown Durham.

Cyber-acoustic guitarist and psychedelic performance philosopher Michael Garfield discusses the merger of technology and spirituality, and why we should embrace it.

A talk called "Arts and Smarts" showcases work by Scott McCloud, a prolific cartoonist, and Jimmy Hasse, the managing graphics editor at The Onion. ➡️

Grabbing drinks after work with some new friends I made at Moogfest.

Amid Friday night's brutal and relentless rain showers, Grimes manages to dazzle hundreds of screaming fans at Motorco Park. ⬅️

Throughout the duration of the festival, I learned so much about Durham, its people and the promise the city carries. Brimming with infectious energy and excitement, it's using innovation to reimagine and reinvent its industries. It has a way of putting the impossible to rest. I think that's why so many attendees flocked to its streets for Moogfest this year, and why so many are already buying tickets for 2017's festival.

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