Part I of Portugal's South

Our trip to the Algarve region of Portugal started off with a sunrise boat tour to one of the most famous caves of the world: Praia de Benagil. Come explore some of the wonders of Portugal with me in this story. #NextStopPortugal 🇵🇹

The tour started from Portimão harbor.

Meet the crew!

We were not alone...

You can only enter the cave during low tide with a boat or surfboards and kayaks.

And then the cave opens up in front of your eyes and your jaw will drop!

Spot the tiny people under the gigantic dome!

Time to leave again! (And be prepared to get wet on your way back to your boat.)

After the boat tour it was time for an exploration of the fishermen's villages of the Algarve.

Santa Luzia

And here's the city of Olhão.

Well and then it was time for the second boat tour of the day. Yes, boating is a big thing at the Algarve! There's so much to see that you can only reach via boat, so make sure to book one or two tours! This time we went to the island of Farol (Ilha do Farol) to explore the small village and climb up the 220 stairs to the top of the lighthouse.

Captain @sarahpour was allowed to steer our boat for a minute - well, we made a little 360 degree turn 😂

But we arrived at Ilha do Farol safe and sound! 😉

The island is only inhabited by one woman throughout the whole year, the rest are vacation homes.

But some people were still there in September ☺️

This is our goal! The tip of the lighthouse.

The view after the first 100 steps up the lighthouse.

We made it!!!

And that's the view from the top!

Did you know how pretty the light of a lighthouse is?

We made it back down in time for the sunset!

And then we made it back to our hotel via boat. This was my first boatride in the complete dark and it was quite cool (and cold as well 😁). Bonus: we saw glowing plankton!

Our hotel: Vila Monte Farm House

Stay tuned for Part II of my Algarve story where I'll discover the west coast and surfer's beaches with you! More travels on Instagram: @ladyvenom #goexplore #travel #seewhatisee #stellerverse #portugal #algarve #europe Thank you @Eurowings for making this trip happen! #NextStopPortugal

  • Leontine

    Algarve is special. I have been to the Quinta do Lago Hotel, great memories

  • ladyvenom

    @leontine it's quite an amazing coastline - so diverse and I love the Portuguese people 😍🙏🏼

  • monivillarreal

    Absolutely amazing, i love it

  • viccihindle


  • ladyvenom

    @monivillarreal thank you so much! I was quite blown away by this region - gotta go back there for sure ☺️

  • ladyvenom

    @viccihindle thanks a lot! Stay tuned for part two with some of my favorite surfer beaches 😍🌊

  • batixa

    I was born in the Algarve, thank you for this lovely story of my homeplace ❤️

  • copperline

    Oh my, I don't know how I missed this one! The cave! The photo with the people to put the scale in context 👉🏻😲 Oh my word! And then the village ... the patina on the buildings and the exterior tiling in this brilliant bright light ... stunning.

  • cristinabmsilva

    Amazing! I’m from Portimão, the city from the other side of the river (page 15). The photos are stunning, they show exactly the atmosphere of those places! And the light.. gorgeous. Thank you for making my home place glow like that through your lens ✨