Part 9: Return to Reykjavik

The last chapter of #icelanding2016 begins with our drive, and stops, on the way back to Reykjavik.


Say that name five times fast. We stopped at this amazing farm because we saw that they had a "Hug-A-Lamb" program, and well, obviously, we had to hug those lambs.

There were two herding dogs, mother and son, and they were the sweetest.

There were two lambs that trailed the farmer everywhere he went. He explained that their mothers shunned them at birth, so he was raising them. They behaved a bit like puppies, nudging him for pets and food, and climbing up onto furniture to be closer to him.

Ugh, kids.

The two babies the farmer is raising. Adorbs.

The farmer and his menagerie. That's the male dog, who gets super jealous of the baby lambs.

The farmer explained that the dogs pretty much keep all the animals in line, with the exception of the goats, which they're afraid of. As seen here.

The mama dog hid under that chair, growling at the goat, for a good 10 minutes at least. This was one epic staring contest.

That goat knows how to taunt.

This baby was only a few days old!

Eldhestar Horse Farm

We'd booked a horseback tour with Eldhestar Volcano Horses before leaving the states. Having only ever been on a guided pony, in day camp, as a child, I was nervous and was told this would be a mild walking tour where tölting wouldn't be necessary. This was incorrect, and resulted in a lot of pain. It was an experience to have, but not one I'd repeat.

Here we are just after mounting our horses for the first time, before the ride actually began.

Little did I know of the pain that was to come. My poor back.

My horse, Ophelia, was sweet, though.


Back in Reykjavik, we took some time to visit a few places we'd missed on our earlier stay.

Hallgrímskirkja is the largest church in Iceland and the 6th tallest structure in the country. The church is a bit spartan when compared to some of the ornate basilicas of Europe, but it's an impressive structure with interesting architecture. The design is modeled after Svartifoss waterfall. Excellent views over Reykjavik can be seen from the top.

Kevin and McTart had to have their photo moment.

Tjörnin Lake near Reykjavik city center, by the town hall. The park surrounding the lake is beautiful and is lovely to stroll through.

Any one care to translate?

We stayed at OK Hotel again on our stop back in Reykjavik. This time, our room faced a small roof deck, which led to us having a surprise visitor: Christien.

I was super sad about not seeing any actual turf houses on our entire Ring Road drive (how?) but on our way to the airport, we passed Viking World, which had them serving as animal pens. I guess they'll do for now!

Farewell, Iceland. You are a wonder. (Also, flying over Greenland on our way home is just a tease.)

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