Lately I am Latte

Lately I am so in love with LATTE ART. Not as the artist but as a coffee drinker.

Grab your cup and find 10 stills of what my eyes love to catch lately. Enjoy flipping !

Coffee. LATTE. ART.

It's not just a LATTE. It's ART.

Never too late for LATTE.

My LATTE should always has ART, as My Life should always has Heart.

Make sure your day won't drowned you down. Let's drink your LATTE and fill your day with ART and fun.

Thanks for flipping. Hope you enjoy my #stellerstills #Steller #StellerVerse #StellerCreative #StellerID #StellerIndonesia #ElpidoStories Keep telling and showing your amazing stories.

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