Why we need to act now

World Rhino Day

About 96% of black rhinos were lost to large-scale poaching between 1970 and 1992.

There are only 4,800 black rhinos left in the wild.

In 2011, the Western black rhino was declared extinct. There is only a single surviving individual of the Northern white rhino.

Like elephants, rhinos are architects of ecosystems, balancing forests and grasslands.

Rhinos also mean tourism revenue for communities.

Increased conservation efforts are needed to save our rhinos. In South Africa, the female Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit is protecting wildlife and serving as example to the world. In 2015, UN Environment named the Black Mambas Champions of the Earth for their courage in fighting the illegal trade in wildlife.

The United Nations #WildforLife campaign urges the public to raise its collective voice against poaching. Give your name to change the game at wildfor.life

How will you take action for rhinos on World Rhino Day?

Photo credits: Image 1: Reuters Image 6: Mike Hutchings/Reuters

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