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Directors of Toughness

Columbia Sportswear employs 2 intrepid adventurers to travel the world, test their gear, and share their experiences with storytelling and photography. Seriously. Google it.

I had to apply. I scored a second interview.

Columbia wanted to keep it interesting... Candidates were given short notice to be on Mount Hood, Oregon for the next interview. No further details were provided. Due to a friend's destination wedding and my rural location, this would require some logistical prowess.

Travel Itinerary (rigorous)

DRIVE » SLC to Driggs, ID FLY » Jackson Hole, WY to SLC FLY » SLC to Portland, OR DRIVE » Portland to Mt. Hood DRIVE » Mt. Hood to Portland FLY » Portland to SLC DRIVE » SLC to Jackson Hole to pick up car, return to Alta, WY

I wanted to be prepared. So I brought ALL kinds of gear and gadgets. None of which I actually needed.

I bought a plane ticket to Portland and waited for the big day...



I arrived early for my 2:30 interview at the Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood. I had no idea what to expect. I waited in a room with 9 other candidates as they disappeared one by the Hunger Games.

Finally it was my turn. After a brief interview on camera, I was handed a map and a backpack.

UP UP UP Still don't know where I'm going or what will be asked of me.

Ok...NOW I'm close.

Interview on a glacier: complete!

Nowhere left to go but down!

Oh hey, guys!

Physical Challenge

Race Michael up this boulder

Let it be known that Michael, of Columbia, is a formidable opponent with excellent style. I lost, spectacularly.

Cheers to Columbia and the opportunity to experience the toughest interview of my life!

Now we wait...

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