Katia Al-Tal

"Work with passion and never let anything stop you."

Hi. My name is Katia and I am a Jordanian artist and potter. My story is going to be long, but believe me. It is worth it to read it till the very end!

I studied political sciences and psychology and have additional higher diplomas in theater, education and French. I used to work in the educational sector in Jordan for a while but then I decided to go abroad for some years and to discover the world. My path took me to Paris, Dubai and Oman. During all that time I did sculptures and worked as an artist.

After living abroad for some 10 years, I returned to Amman and started my own ceramic company called „Nuwa Creations“.

I did not start my company out of a necessity but out of my wish to create something to support myself and my art. I wanted to earn my own revenues independently. To me, the most logical step to take was to start something in a field that I knew, which obviously was ceramics and clay.

"My business arose out of a wish, knowledge and passion."

Katia Al-Tal

I am currently focusing on two different professional aspects of my career. I have my work as an artist where I do sculptures, unique pieces defining my artistic side and, on the other hand, there is my business, a functional art company merging art, design and business functions.

"The material and I, we have kind of a nice relationship."

Katia Al-Tal

Being a woman entrepreneur transformed my life. Before, I was in the dilemma of being an artist and not knowing how to financially sustain myself.

Then a women association supporting entrepreneurs called BPWA (Business and Professional Women-Amman) showed me a new side of my entrepreneurial life. They supported me in the process of registering my business and in the one of making a business out of my art. Now, as the company has been legally established, I feel stronger.

UNIDO enabled me to go to the conference in Milano and to the conference in Amman which did not only give me the opportunity to do important networking but also to gain new knowledge within my own sectors of interest.

"Today I become more involved in the civil society and try to fight for woman's rights wherever possible."

Katia Al-Tal

What keeps me going and fighting is my love for challenges. When things get too easy, I create challenges for myself. When thinking about the future, I physically see myself as the founder of an international brand, creating something new and exceptional and to do things with all my passion.

"My future will be a challenge that helps my soul to mature."

Katia Al-Tal

I never felt that being a woman is any different than being a man. Also, I never thought that being a woman is a problem or a challenge. With my business I now entered a men’s world but the challenges are on the governmental level not on the personal one.

One day I heard about a group of girls that took a course in ceramics. I invited them to do an internship with me. After that I realized that these girls need me and the work and security I can offer to them.

The women I employ live in rural areas. As it is very difficult for them to come to my production place, I decided to move my whole company near their place, in order to give them easier access to work and to be able to employ more ladies.

"Women need women. If you are in a position to help other women, don't even hesitate."

Katia Al-Tal

Sometimes you feel that people are devoted to what they do and what you do - and you know that you will go the upcoming way together.

What makes me happy and smile are the small moments in life. Like a bird sitting next to me, or even my dog. Having a new idea for a sculpture also makes me smile.

In the beginning I was sad to send my sculptures away. Today I understand that we do not possess anything so there is no loss in letting them go.

If you believe in the work you do, other will do so too. A curator once saw my work in Dubai just by chance. Now there is a permanent exhibition of my work in China which is huge and a great honor to me.

"Work with passion and never let anything stop you."

Katia Al-Tal

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