Meet Fulana AlKuwaitia

A toon pop star I made up out of boredom.. and now she's kinda getting famous...

Fulana serving us some afro kuwaiti art

After finishing my last project an all the marketing stuff that goes with it I started to get bored (someone needs to teach me how to a take vacation) so I created fulana, a cartoon pop star and posted her on instagram.. now she has her own career! She was just me trying to keep busy 😂 Here are some of her memorable moments (translated for your pleasure)

Fulana invades Bollywood

Caption reads: legendary

Abdullah: i deam of you when i sleep. Fulana: dude u need a life.. don't call me again Fulana guest stars in a famous Kuwaiti soap

Fulana's broadway play 🌝

Selfie with Fulana at the Armani Ristoranti in Burj Khalifa

"So annoying.. why isn't she picking up her phone!" (Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet)

Was shopping at Chanel and this employee kept hassling me for picture.. he even tried to sell me lipstick... imagine buying lipstick from your seamstress... yeah ain't happening"

Fulana's interview in Cairo

Reinventing a Swedish classic

Fulana in 1930's Egypt

Hope you enjoyed! Xaziz #stellerverse #stellerstories #cartoon

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