πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ After a couple of visits to New York - the city of cities - it's time to change the perspective. So I tried to wander new grounds and explore new territories. Check out: NYC revisited! πŸ—½

Walk Manhattan Bridge (instead of Brooklyn bridge)

For better views of Brooklyn bridge!

And China town!

Reward yourself with a cone from the Brooklyn ice cream factory in the end!

And be happy that you were almost alone at the bridge, compared to the masses at Brooklyn bridge!

Stay at Brooklyn pier until the sun sets behind Manhattan.

Take a different kind of look at the One World Trade Center from Pier 34

And watch the sun set in Jersey.

If you're lucky it's a thunderstorm kind of night.

See the Flat Iron from a new perspective (if you dare to)!

We all kind of know this perspective!

But seeing it straight up is a way cooler angle!

You just gotta find an open door to one of those buildings facing it!

This was NYC: Revisited. Hope you enjoyed my story and got inspiration for your next visit! More from my travels on Instagram: @ladyvenom #goexplore #seewhatisee #newyork #nyc #newyorkcity #travel #places #stellerverse #usa

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