Reviving traditions

The Sunday Inn in the #bregenzerwald

What do you do, when you lost your heart to an empty inn? When you just can't let certain traditions die? Irma Renner from the Bregenzerwald made the best of it: When the traditional inn "The Eagle" was about to become dilapidated, she promised herself to do something about it.

"I knew that it would have been desperately sad to give up on the inn 'The Eagle'. Another traditional inn gone? How depressing!"

So Irma would make sure, "The Eagle" spread its wings once more, as a small but perfectly formed Sunday eatery. The idea was to let women from the region cook their favourite dishes for the guests every Sunday. So every Sunday the traditional inn "The Eagle" is filled with life!

So what do you do when you lose your heart to an old lonely inn? You do as Irma Renner did, filling it with life, serving first-class, homemade cuisine. This makes for a great love, which of course overcomes any daily grind.

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