Trekking in Basque Country

Going to the mountain is very basque. I went with two locals from Ordizia in Gipuzkoa, Basque Country Spain. We climbed to the very tippy top of the summit which is 1,300 meters, we ascended and descended 900m one way. Oxygen was hard to come by for me, I'm from Sea Level. Rocks mud crags grass inclines lookouts and climbs ...and very little meandering led us there. My calves will not be the same. #stellerweekend #stelleroutdoors


Almost there!! The peak is about 75meters in front/above me.

The peak was crowded. We took a break and ate txorrizo bocadillos y chocolate

eskerrik asko // gracias

Thank you to my hosts for an amazing hike, view, experience and lunch following. #basquecountry #caseylarae #txindoki #trek #hike #climb

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