doing Peter Sheeler's tutorial on Youtube

It was months after I posted my very first sketching story. I am still learning though and now I tried to follow tutorials on Youtube.

Hyoop! I follow Peter Sheeler (probably you know him too) on Youtube and started to learn sketching in his style.

I first looked for a pen matching his. Not an expensive one tho, but it has nearly the same rough line. As my brushes and watercolors can't be used (they're ruined 😭), I borrowed stuff from @rismariris, my friend. My sketchings are sponsored already, ha-ha-ha.

It's not that hard to follow Sheelers tutorial. I love his style particularly his choice of colors. Yep, these are my works! ——————>

Sorry, I put it like this so you can look at it better.

Gotta learn more. I hope I can sketch without any tutorial soon :)

Thanks for reading!


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