Things To Do 8


Right next to Kings Cross station we have the jaw dropping British Library. As you enter the building you may be overwhelmed by the sheer size of the wall of books on display. It really puts the wealth of human knowledge into perspective while giving you a little motivational punch. Next time you’re struggling to complete that essay come here and try to imagine the millions of hours of hard work that were dedicated by students and academics to make it all possible.

Expand your mind by visiting a gallery, exhibition or open space. A well designed exhibition will allow you to step inside the mind of the curator and hopefully learn more about the subject at hand. On this occasion Krissy from Interlaced and I went to the ‘Dreaming Kubrick’ exhibition which was curated by Mo’Wax and UNKLE founder, artist and musician James Lavelle.

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  • arwen1968

    Great story & pictures of the library!

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