traditional games


I've read about Komunitas Hong long ago. Finally 3 months ago I had a chance to visit it.

It's a Bandung based community that builds a large inventory of Indonesian traditional games as well as study and introduce them to the world.

For example, this one, called "rorodaan", means wheels.

You can't play it alone. You need a friend to push you and win the race. Team work is often needed in these games.

And then this one, which I forgot the name..

You put 'leunca' fruit in it as your bullet.

And shoot the balls on the bamboo stands. Whoever shoots the most, wins.

And this one, you need balance and concentration to get your bamboo hoop to the finish line.

Did you know that a sarong can also be a traditional game?

A game as simple as passing a toy turtle back to your friends is also a recipe for laughter.

Aaand there's more.

The Komunitas Hong is awesome. To visit, you need to have at least a 40 people squad and pay some fee.


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