Look beyond what you see

It rained the other day in Gingins, our small village near Geneva in rural Switzerland. I went for a walk with Finn and was reintroduced to the wonder of snails

It had stopped raining, but it was a shade gloomy at first

I looked to the right and saw this hedge. I noticed all those spots of white

I looked closely and found they were funky flowers

And then this bloke caught my eye, behind the flower, singing in the rainwater

That was pretty cool. So I kept on and the weather got better I found myself pondering another hedge

I wasn't looking for snails. But again, something caught my eye

This bloke! And he had a mate too

So I wandered on... Thinking..."Snails!" I took a few snaps of other things

Then I found this fella!

And he had mates too!

They reminded me of Polynesian sailors in their outrigger boats. Navigating by the stars in search of new lands

The rain had brought them out and they were crossing the vast ocean

Translucent in the sun, their belongings on their backs

"While I ponder a snail passes me by"


It's amazing what you can find when you look beyond that initial thing you see #stellerstories #stelleroutdoors #stellerid #snail #nature #switzerland #light #sunset #beauty It starts with beauty

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