Suru Kulon & Pager Desa Festival


Suru Kulon is a village in Wonogiri, Central Java. #goexplore

Quiet neighbourhood

"The sky is an infinite movie to me. I never get tired of looking at what's happening up there."


The People

PAGER DESA FESTIVAL #saveourchildren A cultural festival that held once in a year by the village's karang taruna in collaboration with the elders and artists from out of town. This year's main focus is to save their childrens from drugs, free sex, and bad quality television contents. #stellerverse #stellerid

The childrens are watching local band having a rehearsal session.

OSENG SAMBEL IJO Cooking Competition #food #culinary

Main Events

Keroncong Wayang Gendut #congwaydut

See you later Suru Kulon :)

All pictures taken by Wira Siahaan. Complete info and story on my blog. instagram @ceritawira #stellerid #stellerplaces #solo #wonogiri #surukulon #Fujifilm X-T1