New York City

#newyorkcity is for me the most beautiful city in all over the world... i'll try to persuade you with these my next images ... :) you can follow me on or

View of Chinatown from #manhattanbridge

I took a flight with an helicopter to take these aerial images !!

i don't know how many of you have seen #timessquare from here... enjoy the view!!

The nice thing to live in a skyscraper is to wake up in the morning with this view and feel the city vibes!

East side midtown #manhattan from an high view .

Images talk itself about how beauty is this city!

This is a typical view of the manhattan skyline with the #freedomtower far away and with both bridges in the foreground . #brooklynbridge #manhattanbridge

Times Square

this part of the city never stops and never sleeps!! 24//7


#chinatown is literally one of the oldest part of the city.. it was born behind #littleitaly about 60 years ago.

#Newyorkcity has also a lot of club with some very nice views ... of course there drinks are pretty expensive.

in New York you can get lost in the metro but at the same time the subway is always open and it serves the city very well!

#Columbuscircle is at the edge of #centralpark and is always busy matter what time of the day is it!

if you want enjoy your stay in Manhattan look for an apartment with a rooftop with a nice view :)

#dumbo is the district in #brooklyn in front of the manhattan skyline . come here to enjoy the beautiful new york sunsets

sunset from dumbo

view from the Manhattan Bridge

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