Mr Banana in Italy 🇮🇹

Part II: Itri

In part II of Mr Banana's trip through Italy we visit Itri and stay at Elio's Airbnb with his awesome parents Paula & Giovanni. Who don't speak any English but still told us a lot!

Day 4


Day 5

Though now only fish are swimming here

In the museum nearby I found out later this was something about a guy being raped by eagle... Yup.

Bye indeed!

To the museum! ->

Ancient tape...

Montagna Spaccata

(Split mountain)

According to the legend a Turkish pirate who didn't believed the story of the split said: 'If this is true, let the rock become liquid!' You can still see what happened next...

Day 6

(finished book 1)

Last look at the garden before we leave

End of part II! If you want to stay at Itri sometime you should search for 'Lovely Double Room "El velero"- wifi & parking' on Airbnb and say to 'hi' to Paula, Giovanni & Elio from Mr. Banana. :) Coming soon, Part III: Amlfi Coast & Pompeï!

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  • isteef

    @elisapella That post with some sort of path through a rock I told about, it's in this post I just put online. :)

  • mee_

    @isteef loving it as always you have great humour and I repeat the Italy you went to is soooo much better than the one I went to last year (went to Perugia)

  • Leontine

    Ah The italian legend! Mr.Banana be careful...😁😁

  • isteef

    @mee_ Thank you! I dont know Perugia, but I think I was lucky to go to the right airbnb's. They helped us a lot to go to the right places :)

  • isteef

    @leontine haha, he survived it! 😁


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