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Oregon boasts the kind of raw, untouched landscapes worthy of ‘Seven Wonder Of The World’ status but minus the ballyhoo. You’ve got roaring waterfalls to the left of you, snow-capped mountains to your right and cities stuck in the middle with two ancient volcanic craters which may or may not explode one day.

It’s a terrain with personality, that’s for sure. And let’s say you’re the kind of traveller that’s big on adventure but you don’t quite have the bank account to match, fear not, Oregon is your BFF. In fact, you can even make a fun game pushing the limits of how much natural beauty you can experience without forking out for a tour because waterfall chasing here is practically a sport...

For instance, you can drive approximately 15 minutes out of Bend to Tumalo Falls...

At Tumalo, we recommend you climb over the railing and (carefully) walk towards pool at the bottom and have your face misted by the freshest H2O this side of Promised Land.

Then head towards the start of the Columbia River Highway, where 3.4 miles west of Exit 28 off I-84 you'll find Latourell Falls...

Then drive a little further west from Exit 28 off I-84 for Sheppards Dell Falls...

Then drive for 5 minutes (& follow the traffic) to the show stopping Multnomah Falls.

Minds. Blown.

Then grab your Google Maps & hunt down Triple Falls, which is approximately 40 minutes from Portland but like something out of a storybook...

By @citizensoftheworld

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