Phoemes V


★ At night Encounter with Cracks The one we all Bear But seldom Share Some of us Shine through Though

★ Enjoying This moment Alone With you Crowd All around Can't interfere With our Intimacy Death Meanwhile Mocking All of us

★ Lost In your Jungle The personal Resonance of your Soul Entanglement Of your own Branches Connections Never far From Civilisation

★ Your elegance Silent presence No need to Speak Not a Sound Just you Here Appearing Like a dream Ethereal

★ Exhaustion When you went past Your limits Eyes cannot stay Open anymore Morpheus sending Dreams With a remote Control over you Modern days Processing

★ Under the trees Calm Reading Stopped to think What was it This line brought In my mind A fraction A light But the wind Blew it Away

★ A moment of smile The fraction Suspending - Time In your eyes A deep Wound Some broken - Dreams Beaten Soul Emotions Kept Tightly But easily Identifiable

★ Her Was she running Or getting drunk Unless it was a bicycle She wanted to ride Who cares What we liked Was her expression Where were you At that moment - Precisely What came through Your mind Concerned about Emptiness - Maybe

★ Persistedly Looking at Me I had to Stop and Chat with you But You Never Answered Any of my Questions

★ Where did I Loose it Could it Possibly Be Is it just An illusion Moon Reflected Or

★ With class and A bright Smile He was Enchanting Your Soul And The space Around

★ Scare me - Mister Crow Let me believe In a world Beneath the grave Let me feel The spirits - Surrounding us Every day The soul - The butoh dancer Trapped in my body Raising to speak Reaching life again In another form Expressing itself Using me Using you All of us

★ There she was Didn't want to look at me Didn't want to speak No words pronounced Just that emotion Through the glass Still able to feel All she had to express A touch of fragility Behind the mask You Are

★ Maybe I should sit But maybe I can't Bend My knees So maybe I'll stand Still Left Un Noticed

★ Follow your Blackstar Always showing You The right Direction Hints - Clues - Ways With the wittiest Spirit

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