São Pedro da Afurada

Where the Douro meets the sea

Afurada is a traditional fishing village and urban parish in the city of Vila Nova de Gaia. Located near the mouth of the Douro river, the village beneath the Arrábida Bridge between Porto and Gaia is a colorful gateway to the coastal beaches of Gaia.

A little ferry makes the crossing every fifteen minutes, from just west of the Arrábida Bridge.

Traditional fishermen's homes are tiled and painted in a range of colors, competing for attention with the brightly hued storage sheds and other utility buildings.

In June, Afurada holds a party for St. Peter, patron saint of fishermen. It's a time for fireworks, processions and Holy Mass. Quite different to a quiet weekend morning!

Afurada is tiny, just one square kilometer in size, but the grills of its seafood restaurants draw customers from Gaia and Porto, across the Douro. Restaurants are informal and meals taken amid swirls of smoke from street side grills.

The Douro Marina is home to posh sailboats and power boats. Nearby, the support poles of the village's public laundry poke skyward in front of the masts of sailboats.

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