For the last three years I've been photographing Lake Tahoe's clear blue water and the people that come to swim in it.

Lake Tahoe is a large mountain lake that sits on the California-Nevada border. It's approximately 22 miles long and 12 miles wide. Tahoe is famous for its clarity.

""Down through the transparency of these great depths, the water was not merely transparent, but dazzlingly, brilliantly so."

-Mark Twain, Roughing It

When scientists first measured the lake's clarity in the 1960s, they found you could see the bottom at depths of more than 120 feet.

Since then, the clarity has declined. Today, the average clarity in the lake is around 70 feet.

The lake is popular with swimmers and boaters in the summer, but remains largely empty during the rest of the year.

Because of its size and the mountain weather, wind often kicks up waves. Scientists estimate that waves of up to 8 feet are possible, but usually they're a lot smaller.

One of my favorite things to shoot at the lake are the standup paddlers.

See more of Lake Tahoe's underwater world at Tahoeclarity.com Instagram.com/tahoeclarity Facebook.com/tahoeclarity #stelleroutdoors

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  • mikewwalton

    Nice photos and great commentary!

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    Wow really pretty

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    Great photos!

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    So breathtaking

  • aconica

    Beautiful! I am driving from Boulder Colorado to Nevada City in two weeks. I was just looking today and I think Lake Tahoe is right on my path. Hoping to camp - any suggestions ? You have me so inspired ! 🙏🏻💙😇

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    So damn beautiful.

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    This is stunning. The water looks icy but so inviting

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    Wow I'm homesick 🙁. Beautiful photos!

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    Beautiful shots. Love that place.

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    Beautiful 👍🏻

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    If try DL Bliss State Park on the California side @aconica it's really pretty.


    Lovely amazing place for vacation. Great story, dear :) ;)

  • COTW

    Tahoe is amazing! We were there recently. Too cold to swim though. We love the us

  • dylan_silver

    Super cool you got to visit @COTW give me a call next time. I'd love to show you around 😀


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