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One of the biggest treats while I was staying at Hotel Monteverdi was when Costanza, who puts together all the beautiful and very natural flower arrangements at the hotel, brought me a box of hand picked fruit and flowers for me to ‘play’ with; a gift from her and the hotel...this was such a highlight of my stay, and this is what I did...

I chose a large wooden, hand carved bowl to work with...

...I became obsessed with the dappled light through the wisteria

The light was almost as tangible as the fruit...

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  • copperline

    Goodness, this is beautiful!

  • roxidaisy

    What a beautiful story. The hotel gave you a lovely gift and you used it to give an amazing gift to anyone lucky enough to find your story. I am so glad that I did! Thanks

  • talesfrom

    This is so beautiful! Very envious of such a lovely gift to play with! Hours of fun. Lucky you!

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