Annisa Dina

When Everyone Left

It was 7 PM when the world around me went mute. Everyone was leaving already.

Work still haunted me.

I felt like so exhausted;


I decided to go to restroom to breathe out. . . I needed a pee and a splashing on my face.

It was empty and silent.

All the stalls were empty and so quiet; . . I could even hear my steps so clearly.

Then came my throne at the last stall.

I was sitting on my throne when I saw my pen fell on the floor.

I was just going to take my pen...

... When I suddenly got helped.

I could hear the water dropping away on the sink so clearly --

why on earth I couldn't hear any step of a person coming in?

... Whose hand it was?

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Annisa Dina // 2016 IG: @adinanisa Twitter: @nisaadina #StellerWorld #StellerStories #StellerHorror #StellerThriller #StellerFiction #StellerID #Horror #Stories

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