Florence of love

Toscana capital April Journey

It atmosphere and "taste" of the city is important for you - you will enjoy Florence. Of course, not in top season, when you can go through the street. All my points about 4 days feeling the magic of Firenze are below.

The view from Michelangelo castle, the most famous place to see panorama of #Florence.

It is the place, where you can enjoy all kinds of Italian food and style of #foodculture. The main market of the city, Mercato Centrale will fulfill your bags with Sicilian oranges , all kind of mangos, melons. Second flour is restaurants place under the #staindvero.

Sammezzano Castle

Even if are not abig fan of castles & old furniture with history, this place will make you love all of that. It has 365 totally different rooms and places inside, which you will never forget. It's hard to see it inside, you should connect to some group and make a schedule many time before. But it costs. Compared with #TajMahal.

It is another reason to visit #sammezzano - #grove of very big #redwoods.


It is spectacularly cathedral you can ever visit. Especially under moon light and on it's top.


When occasionally I saw something so huge between the very small streets I was walking on I was shocked and stop for 10 or 15 minutes

How o fell Florence.

Very small streets make the city very cute and full of hospitality ( you can look in each window;) but hardly memorable.

Food fan ideal place. #mercatocentrale #eataly

The city has a lot of magic and secrets. You may feel it. #Firenze will not show you or me them at once, but this book should be read not only once.



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