Cinque Terre Paradise

Italian five villages on the ideal seashore. April,2016

If sea make your soul sing, if you like walking on a long paths with a great view&oranges from trees can be your lunch - you will like #cinqueterre so much.

Every person can rent some boat and swim not so far inside the sea

The path between 5 villages looks like.


Terre means land from Italian. This area, in Liguria called Cinque (five) Terre ( Village) because there are five different villages which are connected by a path in National Park with same name. Each village is very bright with architecture & has lots of places where you can spent good time & after take a train and go to any part of Liguria : La Spezia, Livorno and so on.

Portovenere - small city where lord Bairn spent his each summer. There is a big grot, where you can take a boat and swim inside. Very cute and touristic place, in 20 minutes from La Spezia city.

La Spezia is a small and quite town where you can buy a ticket & see all five villages from the sea

Cherry blossom

Unbelievable Vernazza.

Path will make you feel sporty.

First of last village , Monterosso deal Mare, has a Beach where you can feel the sea strength and swim!

In Monterosso there are churches of White and of Black Jesus. Very interesting to see how can they appreciate death.

Panorama on the path to other four villages from Monterosso

Monterosso Siesta

Lord Bairn's grot

Vernazza - the best place to meet sunset.

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