Orange is Optimism

Rachel and James Goldfarb

In late 2012, thirsting for expanding horizons and new experiences, Rachel and James sold most of their belongings and piled the rest into their VW bus, Sunshine. Since then, they've driven over 100,000 miles and visited 30 national parks. And the journey's far from over.

"We work, play, and do nothing at all in remote and rural places, building a life that’s as simple as it is rewarding."

"To love a place, you must know it intimately. By observing and immersing ourselves, we have become happier."


"Orange is Optimism contains some of the highs and lows and wildest moments of the past three years. It takes you right out onto the cracked old open road."

The road has taught us so much about the world and ourselves. We’ve gone two weeks without seeing another human soul. Once, we picked up a hitchhiker who looked into our eyes for a long while, then told us we were human Beings, not human Doings.

Rachel, on the effect of the road

Catch more of Rachel's impressions from the road, and more about her and James' book, here. #passionpassport #vanlife #goexplore #roadtrip #stellerplaces

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