By Maddie Taylor & Shelby Beckler

The Studs are getting the student section hyped for the game.

B.T. Potter puts up the first 9 points of the game.

South Pointe calls for a timeout.

Voshon St. Hill carries the ball to the 3-yard line setting up the quarterback keeper by Derion Kendrick and putting them in the lead, 15-0 in the third quarter.

Stallions defense is put to the test when Northwestern scores twice in the third quarter, 15-13.

Jackson Chappell becomes anxious after the Trojans score.

The student section reacts when Kendrick scores again for the Stallions in the fourth quarter, 21-13.

The Trojans fight back, 23-22.

St. Hill runs the ball 75 yards, setting up for the final score.

Geomni Mayfield's 5-yard run puts the Stallions on top, 28-23.

Kendrick goes for the 2-point conversion with a pass to Mayfield and got it. Stallions win, 30-23.

"It felt great to beat them after losing to them the same way two years in a row. It was by far the best game in my high school career so far."

-B.T. Potter

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