Effects of intimate portraits on social media’s through the eyes of 10-20yr olds. Clara & Caroline de Bertodano

UNEASE Increasing intimate & provocative selfies/self portraits on social media's. What effect on 10-20yrs? FULL ARTICLE www.grryo.com By CLARA DE BERTODANO Research & article CAROLINE DE BERTODANO Supporting images & article Many thanks -All the people who took part. -Grryo for supporting this project & serious visual storytellers worldwide, especially Simran @simrani

EXCERPTS FROM CLARA's ARTICLE : ' I despise my character and my looks, and my mind, body and soul seem to be united by a sole hatred, my own'.... "These are the (narrowed down) thoughts every teenage girl, such as myself, has to fight against. Each one of us has a different way to fight against these thoughts......Some "instagrammers" start showing their body, parts of it or a bit too much of it, seeking for attention and approval, without evaluating the cost and consequence that this might have on their lives..... I am absolutely convinced that showing your body to complete strangers and basing your happiness in life on numbers can't possibly make anyone happy"... Full article www.grryo.com Clara 16 Argentina/UK

"They should do whatever they want, it's their life, if they want to expose themselves in that manner and it makes them happy, then it's fine. Nevertheless, I pity them a bit because if they upload those pictures, they do it for everyone to see, even people that don't know them and will therefore only see them as objects or bodies, and not as an actual person. The problem would appear, if they didn't realise people saw them in that way." Tamara, 16, Argentina "I think the amount of sex in media and stuff has spiralled so far out of control that loads of girls are becoming prostitutes to some extent, and what is deemed as appropriate is getting more and more inappropriate. It's more sickening that girls are hurting themselves to be objects of physical pleasure rather than human beings." Louis, 16, England "I think these women post those pictures for one or some of these reasons: To get attention Because they have a low self esteem Because they have problems within their family Because they're not conscious of the consequences those pictures might have on their lives" Francisca, 18, Argentina

"I think they need attention and they use their sexuality to get it, and in some way they want to improve their self esteem, "overpower" or feel superior to everyone else" Dominga, 17, Chile "The women or girls who post those pictures, post them either to get attention, and if that is the case I think there are many other ways to achieve that, or because they're insecure." Nadine, 17, Argentina  "I think that if the end goal is to create an image that might have an impact or provoke something on people is something completely different than a woman trying to be provocative. For example, not long ago, I saw a picture of an anorexic girl's back in a picture which created a huge impact and a strong image. However, if that's not the case, I do not think it's right, it's a matter of insecurity. I don't get how people think that those pictures show the beauty in women, I believe that beauty isn't absolutely in the physical part of a person, it surpasses that." Pilar, 16, Argentina 16/05/2016, 04:00:28: Clara de Bertodano: "Personally, I wouldn't post those kind of pictures, but I believe that everyone owns their own body and Instagram account, and they can do whatever they want and post whatever they want. I find it wrong that people call these women "sluts" just because of a picture, because in that picture they don't show who they actually are. And very often, when a person uploads those kind of pictures it's because they're missing things in their lives (love, attention, etc.), and the last thing we should do, is judge them" Ines, 16, Argentina  "To be honest, I feel like it's as if they didn't have a personality of their own and needed to get attention. It's a matter of insecurity" Catalina, 15, Argentina 

"I feel embarrassed, I seriously don't get how they can get to posting those pictures. I think they need to call for attention, either because of stereotypes in society or because they need people to look at them" Tomas, 16, Argentina  "It's porn" Rhea, 17, Lebanon  "I think everyone has the right to show whatever they want of their body, and there's no reason to make someone feel bad about themselves for it. Then there's the subject as to why they do it. If they're looking to compete with other people, are insecure or need someone to tell them they're pretty, then that might not be the best solution for the problems they're having. But because that's each person's issue, I'm not going to judge anyone for posting a picture on Instagram." Antonia, 16, USA "I don't think that the women that post those pictures are insecure, but I do think that they make other girls insecure. They show what a body should look like and make other girls unhappy about their own body because it might not live up to society's expectations, and that's where all the illnesses and food disorders come to life." Clara, 16, Argentina/France "I feel like there's so much freedom, that the limit has vanished. They no longer distinguish between defending a woman's body and looking sexy." Camila, 17, Argentina "I think they come across as insecure because they want to look like other women. They've seen other women's bodies that seem "perfect" and feel the need to show their own because that way they can be considered pretty and people will like them more. That's where all the diseases and food disorders appear, which are all signs of insecurity and them not accepting their own body, even though we all have different bodies." Paloma, 15, Argentina 16/05/2016, 04:00:50: Clara de Bertodano: "I feel like pictures can sometimes be exposing and girls can get a bad reputation, and girls are judged by what they post.  Generally if someone of any gender uploads something exposing I judge them, but it's only when they have a bf or gf when I see it as wrong." Josh, 16, England "I think everyone should be free to do whatever they feel like doing. Instagram being what it is you don't have to follow people, if you don't want to follow someone you just don't... In my opinion, there's no difference in showing a girl showing off her body or a mom showing her child or someone their house decoration, their holiday blablabla" Camille, 22, France

"I think quite a lot of them are maybe worried about their looks and maybe are also worried about what people think about them." Tom,16, England "I think it's all a matter of self esteem, these girls need the approval of others to feel happy for a moment, and try to look for it online. They obviously don't feel comfortable in their own body and without realising so, they degrade themselves through those pictures." Maria, 17, Spain "In my opinion, they usually post those pictures to try and get the attention of guys, and although I believe anyone is free to do what they want, that's not the way to get a guy to like you. And it's not only boys that look at those pictures, other women look at them, and even children can see them, and I'm pretty sure it makes them uncomfortable, especially when they don't want to do so but still find them anywhere and everywhere online.", Abril, 16, Spain "Some pictures r fine to be up to show how they feel but depending on what it shows. They're  possibly showing off or...? Maybe they want people to know what they look like cos they're proud of themselves." Edward, 16, England "It's all about self esteem, and what each person thinks of themselves on the outside which reflects on the inside, and what they think is on the inside which reflects on their perspective of their outside. I think it's just stupid, and if it were the case of a friend of mine, I would prevent her from doing so, and would try and find some other way to make her feel beautiful, inside out." Ines, 19, Spain

"It's crazy, just crazy. There's absolutely no need to post those kind of pictures, a nice, cute picture should be enough for each person's social media, without looking to reveal too much of their body. I think it's also to get attention, and although it might catch people's attention, mine at times, I know, personally, that I'd never want to be with a girl who's so desperate for random people's attention." Agustin, 17, Spain "All they achieve by posting those pictures is getting more followers, at best. But all those followers are just wankers with absolutely no life, pretending they do have one. It's basically porn, to be honest." Ignacio, aka Nacho, 13, Argentina "the girls that do that shit just want their body to be accepted in society and considered beautiful, and are just looking to make themselves famous in some way" Gonzalo, 16, Madrid, Spain

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